I wrote a book ! I couldn't be more excited to share it with you. This has been a life long dream and to finally send it out into the world has been the best experience. 


I am so grateful that it has sat as number 2 on the amazon hot sellers list and crept upto 8th in the biography and memoir section on amazon, which is unbelievable given the thousands and thousands of books released every day :)


So why did I write a book?


When we take the time to listen to another's story, we hear their truth. A truth, which has the power to change lives. The story becomes the call to every human being who has been given the privilege to show up in this world, to take action within their lives. It is also a reminder, to fall over, but to never ever deny yourself the ability to bounce back. Your story will be your greatest gift to the world, it is YOUR story, filled with every single part of your souls journey as a human being.

This book is my story. It has been hiding inside of me for many years and finally the tight feeling in my throat I get every time I think of writing it, reminds me that it is time to release my fear and respond to my next adventure. I wrote it initially to share with my Alice, to help her understand that when Life hands you juicy lemons, the ability to bounce back lies within you and only you. I want Alice to know, that nobody has the right to keep you small or to affect the way you live your life. I want her to stand in front of the mirror and know with absolute certainty who is looking back at her. I want her to see strength in her body and in her mind, I want her to trust her voice and use it with confidence and conviction. I want her to know that when she is knocked down, she has everything inside of her to lift herself back up. But ultimately I want her to understand that kindness matters above anything else. A kind word, a genuine smile, a gesture from the heart, they all have the ability to make this world a better place.

As I have written this book, it has become apparent to me that the very same words I want to share with my daughter, may resonate with you. I hope amongst the following chapters you will find your own joy and the courage to follow the path that is destined to be yours and when you need to find the strength to bounce back, you only need look inside of yourself.


I really hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear what you think .. 

My Book: The Long Journey Home - By Effie Moss